How to Host Your Own Quiz Game

Live quiz games offer a fun and interactive experience for lessons or training sessions. Faabul makes it easy to create, manage, and host these quiz games. Follow these steps to make your own quiz game.

join quiz

Sign in or Create an account on Faabul. You can either Create your own quiz or select from Ready-made quizzes.

For your own quiz, go to My quizzes, open the quiz, and press the Host button. For a pre-made quiz, select it and press Show additional actions, then choose Host live game.

1. Starting a Live Game

When you start a live game, you have two options:

  • Present Now: The quiz game starts immediately. You will see a QR code that participants can scan and a text code that can be used to join the quiz game. This code is valid for one day. You can start the game once your participants join the quiz.
  • Schedule Game: You can set a date and time for your quiz game and customize the game code. The QR code and the text code will be available for the next six months.

2. Setting up the Stage

  • You can project the quiz on a large screen (e.g., TV or projector). This works best if you switch the presentation to fullscreen mode.
  • You can control the quiz from the same device or use another device (e.g., your phone) as a remote control.
  • If you want to use your phone as a remote control, make sure you are signed in under the same account. Then select your event and join it.
  • Wait for players to join your game using the displayed code or QR code, and when ready, press the Start Game button.
  • After players join the game, they are given randomly assigned names that can be changed later.

3. Running Your Quiz

  • By default, you as the host are responsible for advancing the questions. However, you can choose to advance the slides automatically if you want.
  • Game players cannot advance the slides themselves and will always see the same slide as you.
  • By default, questions are auto-evaluated after everyone has answered. You can still evaluate questions manually.
  • You can also close the question, and it will stop accepting further answers.
  • You can display the leaderboard and how players answered the question at any time.
  • At any point, you can pause the quiz game, display a blank screen, or show the poster slide with the QR code and game code again.

4. Finishing the Quiz

  • Click the Finish Game button to end the game.
  • When the quiz game is finished, the leaderboard will display, and you can announce the winners.
  • After the game is finished, players can move freely through the quiz on their devices and revisit the questions and their answers.