How to Create a Quiz with a QR Code

Creating a quiz with a QR code on Faabul is easy. Follow these steps to make sharing your quiz game seamless and efficient.

1. Create an Account and a Quiz

2. Generate Your QR Code

  • Once your quiz is ready, press the Host button.
  • You have two options:
    • Present Now: Start the live quiz game immediately with a random code.
    • Schedule Game: Choose your own join code and schedule the game within the next 180 days (available with Faabul's paid plans).
  • Press Continue to generate your QR code and text code automatically.

3. Show and Save Your QR Code

  • If you chose "Present Now", your live quiz game code and QR code is now displayed on the screen and you can start presenting your quiz game right away. Please note that this code is only valid for about 24 hours.
  • If you chose "Schedule Game", you are presented with a random game code. If you want to use a custom game code, change it first. You can then save the QR code as an image and use it on your invitations or other materials. Scheduled game codes are valid for 180 days.
  • You can display your game codes anytime at My Live Games, by selecting your quiz game.

4. Share Your Quiz

  • People can join your quiz game by scanning the QR code or entering the text code at