How to Create a Quiz with AI

With AI on Faabul, you can create a quiz in just a few minutes. Easily add new questions, adjust their difficulty, find images, or provide explanations for each question. These steps will help you leverage AI to create your quiz.

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1. Create a New Quiz with AI

  • Sign In or create an account on Faabul if you do not have one yet. AI capabilities are available with Faabul’s paid plan.
  • When making a new quiz, switch to AI-assisted quiz mode and write instructions for generating your quiz. You can be brief and just write the quiz headline, or include details like the number of questions you want, specific topics you want to cover, etc.
  • Next, choose your question types and quiz language, then press CREATE. Allow a moment for your quiz to be generated. Once ready, you can customize it as needed.

2. Improve Your Quiz with AI

  • When your quiz is ready, you can improve it further using AI. Look for the AI Assistant icon () indicating where AI assistance is available.
  • You can add new questions, with AI suggesting questions that match your quiz topic and difficulty level.
  • The Fix Question button will usually detect what your question needs and suggest improvements.
  • You can also adjust the difficulty, convert the question to a different type, or use a custom prompt to perform other actions.
  • AI can even help you find illustrative images for your questions or generate a new image to fit the question.

3. Check Your Quiz with AI

  • When your quiz is finished, you can check it using AI. Go to Settings and select the AI Assist tab. Press the Check Quiz button to automatically review the quiz for accuracy and possible improvements.