Create your own quiz

Unleash your creative potential with our user-friendly quiz editor, which provides a range of question formats and effortless image integration. Dive into a variety of themes and express your unique style while crafting quizzes that truly stand out.

People participating a live quiz
Teacher with a group of students taking a live quiz

Live Quizzes

Easily conduct live quiz sessions for up to 200 participants. Participants can join the quiz by simply scanning a QR code, without the necessity of app downloads or user accounts. They can respond to questions in real time, and you can customize the pace of the quiz.

Teacher in front of a large screen with a quiz

Present on a Big Screen

Engage and captivate your audience by presenting your quiz on a TV or overhead projector. What appears on the big screen is instantly synchronized with your participants' devices, ensuring that everyone is on the same question and can promptly submit their responses.

Additionally, you have the option to connect your mobile phone to serve as a remote control. This feature empowers you to effortlessly manage the live quiz directly from your phone.

Two people holding participating in a quiz on a mobile device

Mobile-Friendly Design

Faabul quizzes are designed to look fantastic whether you're using a large screen or a mobile device. Questions are optimized for portrait mode on mobile devices to ensure readability, and visuals seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes.

Quiz designer working at a computer

Amaze with Beautiful Visuals

Leave a lasting impression on your audience with striking visual styles, subtle animations and seamless transitions straight out of the box. Combine questions with textual and image slides to create a visually stunning presentation.

Father teaching a child using a quiz

Play and Teach

Each question can show an optional explanation once it is evaluated. This allows your audience to learn why their answer was correct or incorrect. If you need more space, you can also insert a full-screen explanation slide.

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Privacy First

Faabul does not collect personal data from your audience or use ad tracking. All answers collected during your events are only visible to the participant and you and are automatically deleted after 30 days.