Design your own quiz

Faabul offers a user-friendly built-in editor for creating and customizing quizzes with a variety of question types, images, and themes. All you need is a free account.


Teach Effectively with Faabul Presentations

Faabul integrates quizzes into slide-based presentations to enhance the learning experience. This includes adding images and text slides to explain the topic more clearly and make the presentation more visually interesting.

Join quiz with a QR code

Effortless Quiz Participation

Participants can join the quiz using a unique code, without the need for any app downloads or user accounts. They can access the quiz through their own devices, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, and answer questions in real time. Even if someone misses the live event, you can share a link with them and they can complete the quiz at their own convenience.

Live quiz leaderboard

Gamify your Presentations

Faabul allows you to show live results for each question, providing instant feedback to your audience and keeping them engaged. A leaderboard feature also automatically tracks and displays scores for top participants, adding a competitive element to the experience and encouraging participation.

Question and explanation

Ensure Comprehension with Explanations

Faabul allows you to add explanations to your questions, providing immediate feedback and helping your audience understand and correct mistakes. For more in-depth understanding, text slides can be added for more detailed explanations that your audience can access only after it has been revealed.

Use phone as a remote control

Control Quizzes with Remote Control

Use your tablet or computer connected to an overhead projector, and control your presentations remotely using your phone. Sign in with the same account on both devices and you are ready to go.

Privacy at the Forefront

Faabul does not collect personal data from your audience or use ad tracking. All answers collected during your events are only visible to you and are automatically deleted after 30 days.