Travel and Geography Quizzes

US Capitals

Whether you are preparing for a test or just looking for a way to broaden your knowledge, these quizzes are a great way to quickly and easily educate yourself on the capital cities in the United States.

US Capital Cities
U.S. State Capitals Quiz

World Geography

From identifying flags of different countries to naming African and European capitals, these quizzes will challenge your knowledge of the world. Get ready to expand your global knowledge and have fun with flags along the way!

Flags of the World Quiz
10 Geography Pub Quiz Questions
Geography Quiz: African Capitals
European Geography Quiz
African Capital Cities
European landmarks quiz - Guess the country
Fun with Flags
European Capitals
Is this state in Asia?
Global Landmarks Quiz
European Border Nations

Geography Fun Facts

Take these quizzes and learn interesting facts about the culture, history, and landmarks of various countries all round the world.

Cyprus Quiz (Random facts series)
Japan - Fun Facts
Facts About France

Earth and Nature

Solar System Trivia
Unusual Natural Phenomena