Body Part Idioms

Body Part Idioms

This quiz challenges your knowledge of English idioms linked to the different parts of the body. Explore the language and discover the meaning behind these familiar yet enigmatic phrases.

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What does the idiom 'keep someone at arm's length' mean?

  • To hug someone
  • To avoid getting too friendly
  • To stretch one's arm
  • To measure something

What does the idiom 'cost an arm and a leg' mean?

  • To lose body parts
  • To have a surgery
  • To be very expensive
  • To need physical effort

What does 'pull someone's leg' mean?

  • To drag someone
  • To win a race
  • To trip over someone
  • To make fun of someone

What does it mean to 'get a foot in the door'?

  • To buy new shoes
  • To finally get home after a long journey
  • To start in a new position or role at a low level
  • To kick something

When someone really enjoys sweet-tasting foods, they have a sweet ...

  • tooth
  • tongue
  • lips
  • taste

When you feel extreme embarrassment or disgust, you can say that it made your .... curl.

  • ears
  • eyes
  • toes
  • face

What does it mean when you 'turn a blind eye' to something?

  • You turn around
  • You become blind
  • You ignore something
  • You watch something closely

What does 'on the tip of one's tongue' mean?

  • To speak quickly
  • To taste something
  • To have a medical condition
  • To nearly remember something

What does it mean if you're 'all thumbs'?

  • You text a lot
  • You are clumsy
  • You are skillful
  • You have extra fingers

What does the idiom 'play it by ear' mean?

  • To listen carefully
  • To imitate someone
  • To decide how to act as you go along
  • To play a musical instrument without sheet music

What does the idiom 'bend over backwards' mean?

  • To physically bend in an unusual way
  • To resist changes
  • To try very hard to do something
  • To show a lack of respect
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